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How Gambling on the Internet Started

Casinos have been around for hundreds of years. According to historians, the first casino (which, by the way, means small villa) was built in Venice in 1638. The famous historical figure Casanova is said to have romanced a lot of women in these casinos a long, long time ago.

No one would have guessed, at that time, that casino and gambling in general would be done on the internet. The emergence of online casinos is not just a brand new technology. According to experts, a lot of gamblers prefer this to flying all the way to Vegas or Atlantic City.

There are significant catalysts which gave way to gambling on the internet: the development of various gaming software in the 70s although this was used primarily for slot machines and Keno, the very powerful internet technology and an independent group whose job was to regulate casino gaming.

Unfortunately, some countries which do not allow gambling in the first place have made sure that online casinos would not be able to operate in their land as well. Up to this day, for instance, the United States has very strict rules which do not provide permits to these casinos. It is actually very difficult for most Americans to sign up for this since most cash transfers are regulated and/or blocked by the government.

Despite that fact, there are still over a hundred casino companies which have an internet counterpart including famous names like William Hill, Jackpot City and Royal Vegas.

One of the things which some people got wary about when the first virtual casino came into being was that this would be boring. It is a solitary game, after all. But these online casinos and game developers are, surprisingly, always coming up with something new and truly innovative.

For example, casinos now have online video streaming of actual dealers for games like roulette and blackjack. You can also communicate with other players and even your competitors through the chat boxes which most of these companies have also included on the screen.

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changed September 5, 2013