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To the fans of FakeSarahPalin,

We're going to call it quits. For now. In the spirit of Obama's message, we do not think it is productive to continue what is a funny but divisive message. Now's the time for Americans to heal the wounds of eight years of partisan extremism. Continuing FakeSarahPalin would be a continuation of that extremism. In order for us to achieve the change we seek, we've got to stop.

It has been fun making you laugh through this election. If you've laughed at us and found us funny, do us (and America) a favor: spend the next four years working to make America better. Heed Obama's call for service. We rarely have opportunities like this, so-- let's take advantage of it.

That's why we have to quit. It is time to take our government seriously again. Maybe it'll turn out that this is just some hokey feeling that will dissipate in a few months-- but we want to give this moment a shot to redefine our politics and heal our country.

Thanks so much,


changed November 5, 2008